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Steelforce, your reference in the market

Steelforce sets the standard in steel trading. We consistently provide our clients with optimum solutions thanks to our deep market & product knowledge and the broad supplier network we have cultivated over the course of many years. Our focus on market and product diversification has enabled us to achieve a strong position in diverse markets worldwide. We have also secured a strong buying position through cargo combos and sourcing volumes.

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How can we offer you these unique benefits?

Using Smart multisourcing to offer the ideal trade.

Steelforce wields a unique position thanks to our market presence. By maintaining close tabs on our suppliers, banks and partners, we are able to gather valuable market insights. This proactive approach ensures that we have the agility to swiftly recognize and capitalize on changing conditions, to the direct benefit of our clients.

  • Market & product knowledge

  • Logistical expertise

  • Operational excellence

  • Customized financial solutions


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Our commitment to deliver the ideal trade

At Steelforce we pride ourselves on being a reliable and approachable partner. We are committed to our clients from inquiry to delivery. In order to execute all orders to the highest standards, we place a strong emphasis on transparent communication and invite our partners to share their ideas and perspectives. Our professional know-how and client dedication have allowed us to set the benchmark and foster long-term partnerships.

Distribution & processing

A flexible arrangement to meet your needs

We offer highly efficient distribution services to meet our clients’ needs. From off-take arrangements and just-in-time deliveries to inspections, customs clearance and VAT or duty regulations, we can take care of the entire logistical process. We ensure any steel order is secured in a timely fashion and delivered by our in-land or sea transport.

For an outright exceptional service

In order to better serve our clients and ensure we meet their specific requirements, we offer an additional service. To a certain extent, we can turn semi-finished steel & tinplate into a more advanced product, cutting coils to sheets, oxy cutting steel parts or lacquering and printing ETP and TFS. Availability and swift delivery guaranteed.

Interested in our services?

We offer our clients the advantage of our market position & professional expertise to capitalize on lucrative trade opportunities or gain access to steel markets across the globe. Get in touch to learn more about the unique benefits of embarking on a partnership with Steelforce.