Community Shield

Support for Ukraine (2022)

At Steelforce, we were deeply moved by the war in the Ukraine and the havoc it has wreaked on so many human lives. Several of our colleagues are, after all, Ukrainian. Therefore, rather than watch from the sidelines, we felt the need to get actively involved.

First of all, we encouraged all our employees who were willing to help to give a donation. Together, we raised a significant sum of money which we chose to divide among our Ukrainian colleagues. They were to spend the funds as they saw fit, to rebuild their own lives or to support their relatives or communities. This way, we ensured we would make a real difference in the lives of those who need our aid.

We also assisted in the evacuation of four Ukrainian women and their children to the Czech Republic. These families included some of our very own staff members. Once their safety was assured, Steelforce contributed by providing financial support for housing, weekly allowances for meals and English and Czech language courses to ease integration.

Finally, after obtaining the approval of the Flemish government, we collaborated with Belgian producer Sioen Balistics to acquire and consequently transport 58 high-quality bullet proof vests to the Ukraine.

Support to local schools and community

During our process of remodeling the office space during 2022-2023 as to create a greener building and a better work environment for our workforce we decided to give away our furniture. This way we could support schools as Instituut Sint Maria (Antwerp), Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Lourdes Instituut (Ekeren), Koninklijk Atheneum Hoboken and other schools and communities to better furbish their buildings.

ArmenTeKort (2021)

ArmenTeKort addresses the fact that poverty does not just entail a lack of financial resources but also a lack of opportunities. As such, they created a 10 year long project in Antwerp city to prove that it is possible to vastly improve poverty on a large scale. This initiative consists of training volunteers, who have plenty of opportunities, and buddying them up with people who are lacking in opportunity. In 2021, a fundraising lunch was held to support this initiative. Steelforce pledged to match the total amount of funds raised and gifted the resulting sum towards buddy training by ArmenTeKort.

Nutrition program at Guatemaltecan schools (2019)

Guatemala still has one of the highest rates of chronic malnourishment in Central America, which affects children’s development and learning abilities. To combat this issue, Fundación Adentro launched a program to improve children’s nutrition at associated schools. At Steelforce, we are committed to children’s well-being. We value the efforts of Fundación Adentro to fight malnutrition and chose to support them with a significant financial contribution.

“I am writing to thank you and your team for your valuable contribution to our Foundation. People like you with a big heart and the desire to support is what Guatemala needs. Malnutrition is a big problem in the country. Providing our children with a nutritious diet is one of the most important pillars to improve their development and quality of learning.” - Fundación Adentro

Transport to collect materials for hospitals in Benin (2016)

In 2013, a former Steelforce employee left the company to follow her heart and undertake nurse training. Three years later, her fellow students prepared to complete a 3 month internship in Benin to fight the country’s high infantile death rate due to malnourishment. In order to provide additional help, the students organized donations of hospital materials. Steelforce provided financial support for the entire operation, from Merelbeke - where all kinds of materials, from hospital beds to computers, were gathered - to Cotonou, Benin.