ESG & Compliance

For the planet, the people and the economy

At Steelforce, we have aligned our business with the UN sustainable development goals, which cover a wide range of social, economic and environmental aspects. This requires a global partnership of all stakeholders.

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Environmental responsibility

Green building and energy efficiency

We optimize energy efficiency by modernizing our company facilities. Additionally, we strive to create an eco-friendly city infrastructure and we provide our employees with a healthy work environment.

Life cycle thinking

We collaborate with suppliers who adhere to all the applicable environmental laws and we encourage them to reduce their environmental impact through technological innovation and reduction of CO2 emissions. We also promote steel product recycling.

Climate change and support for local communities

We value initiatives that respect the people and communities associated with our business markets. In particular, we are mindful of the environmental impact of the steel products being handled and the preservation of the natural ecosystem.

Our multimodal services, including ‘port to port’ sea and/or ‘door to door’ land transport, are monitored for emissions to minimize our environmental impact.

Social responsibility

Diversity & inclusion: respect and acceptance

Respect among employees is a fundamental value for a diversified work environment. We have built a culture of acceptance and a workplace free of discrimination, to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities for all employees.

Training & education: Human capital is a key asset

At Steelforce, we offer various training courses to stimulate life long learning and expand the skills set of our employees.

Health & safety: The well-being of our employees is a top priority

Well-being in the workplace: We invest in a safe and healthy working environment. We promote practices and values that help our staff develop the skills they require to achieve their personal and company goals, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Physical and emotional well-being: We promote healthy life choices and we ensure that every member of the Steelforce family has access to health care services, and is able to practice stress management.

Social well-being: We encourage our employees to actively participate in all initiatives and support groups and to openly communicate so that any potential issues in the workplace and local community are promptly addressed and resolved. This is achieved by an in-house taskforce by and for employees.


Responsible consumption

We are committed to an in-house waste management program and strongly promote conscious business travel.

Disclosure and transparency

We aim to share sustainability best practices through open and active communication with our business partners. Having a real sustainable impact requires our management to be deeply engaged and committed.

Business ethics and commitments

We adhere to high ethical standards in all our business dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and the local community. Furthermore, we believe that our business should have a strong connection with the communities in which we operate.

We are convinced that we can make a real difference through partnerships and sponsoring. To this end, we encourage participation in local initiatives. (e.g. reducing child labor and gender inequality in the local community, facilitating access to clean water and sanitation, promoting education and economic development, etc.)