A meticulous & timely delivery process

Thanks to our experience with local ports and our long-standing partnerships in the shipping & steel industry, we are able to efficiently manage the entire supply chain. We take care of the entire logistical set-up. Additionally, we strive to identify preferable routes and we can offer the added advantage of base cargo volumes and combined cargo. Our multimodal services, including ‘port to port’ sea and/or ‘door to door’ land transport, are monitored for emissions to minimize our environmental impact. Learn more about our sustainability efforts. 

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Yearly fixed shipments


Supramax vessel a week


Why partner up with Steelforce?

We are intimately acquainted with all the local procedures and requirements at the loading and discharging ports. This allows us to efficiently manage the entire logistical process and offer our clients the best option for shipping. Furthermore, we can provide added value through services such as customs clearance.

  • Strong connections in logistics for a consistently high performance & reliable service

  • Customs clearance in selected ports 

  • Favorable operations through combination cargos

  • Creative logistical solutions

Interested in our services?

Through Steelforce, your steel products will reach their destination via the most efficient and expeditious way. We take special care of all aspects involved in shipping to guarantee an impeccable delivery process.